Welcome to the number one maid service provider in Transona. We are currently only one year young, but thanks to our fabulous team and customer base we’ve had a tremendous first year.  We provide general cleaning as well as specialized cleaning including kitchens, bathrooms and apartments. If you need a cleaner before selling your house we can be there in less than 24 hours any day of the week. If you simply need a monthly cleaner because you’re busy working or with kids, we offer discounts on recurring services. We’re also more than happy to send you out a maid for a one time occasion like a big Holiday party etc. Call us today at 204.284.20144!


There is nothing better than coming back to a home that is spotless and smells fresh. For many people, there are simply not enough hours in the day, or the energy, to put in the required elbow grease to keep things spick and span. It does not matter if you are a stay at home mum, or a working professional, finding yourself too busy and tired to clean the house is nothing unusual but can be distressing. According to Wikipedia “Utilizing a maid service may be considered due to a number of personal factors, including but not limited to geographical location, social standing, lack of personal time, lack of experience.” This is where Transcona100 comes in.
We are a professional home cleaning service serving the Transcona area and its environs. Our team is made up of a trustworthy, hardworking and reliable staff that pays close attention to detail in ensuring our clients are always satisfied. We take away the hassle of house cleaning so you can enjoy more time with your family and friends, all at an affordable rate. We offer a wide range of services that can be tailored to create a package suited to your needs and schedule.


The biggest fear most people have when hiring a cleaning company for the first time is that the maids will be underqualified, or dishonest. All of our maids go through extensive training and background checks before being hired. Not only that, but if you aren’t completely satisfied with the work done we’ll send someone back at no charge to fix the issue. Watch the video below for some key factors to consider when choosing a maid service:

Below is some more information on the training process that we use:

The biggest issue that most Winnipeg cleaning services struggle with is unreliable, untrustworthy or underqualified maids. It is difficult for smaller companies to manage their own in house training programs, and because of this many cleaning companies hire maids with previous experience, but don’t have a method in place for standardizing the customer experience. Transcona 100 strongly believes in utilizing all available resources. We’ve developed an affiliation with one of the best training programs for cleaning services Winnipeg has. The training program was originally designed as in house training for a leading maid company in Winnipeg, but it has now been opened up as a training program for a few affiliates as well including Transona 100. We are proud to provide cleaners that have been trained to follow consistent standards. If you have one cleaner out one week and a different cleaner the next, they should both provide comparable service. You are also more than welcome to request a specific cleaner when you book your appointment.


Cleaning Tips

Daily Cleaning Procedures for the Bathroom

Most people have a cleaner come in once or twice a week. In between these periods, it is not advisable to allow dirt to buildup, especially in as important an area as your bathroom. In fact, undertaking these cleaning practices will even ensure that your cleaner does not waste unnecessary time trying to tackle a dirt buildup that you could have avoided with just a few minutes work each day. Here are a few simple strategies you can apply to help keep your bathroom feeling fresh and ready for even guests to use at a moment’s notice. The following tips were suggested by RC Cleaners, an Australian cleaning company.
1. Invest in a daily shower cleaner
We have all seen how soap scum and hard water stains can ruin the appearance of tiles, glass, shower curtains and flooring in the bathroom. It can look unpleasant and even make you avoid bathing inside the shower this buildup can however be easily tackled by investing in commercially available daily shower cleaner. There are many popular brands you can make use of that only require you to spray the surfaces and walk away. These cleaners ensure that dirt and stains cannot entrench themselves, so that later when you do wash the area, it is already pre-treated and easily cleaned.
2. Use a squeegee
For some, the use of shower cleaners is not acceptable, especially if they cannot find green options. If you are determined to avoid chemical cleaners at all costs, then make use of a squeegee to quickly get rid of water off the glass and tiled walls of a shower. A quick wipe down with a squeegee is often sufficient to avoid the settling in of any dirt or water stains. Alternatively, make us of an old absorbent towel to dry off the surfaces.
3. Recycle old toothbrushes
The easiest and quickest way to get dirt out of the grout in between tiles is to scrub with an old toothbrush. They offer a good way to focus your scrubbing action and have smaller bristles than other scrubbing implements that are less likely to damage the grout. Remember to store these toothbrushes away from the ones you actively use to avoid transfer of bacteria into the mouth.
A good way to find time to clean the bathroom is by multitasking. For instance, while you are supervising a young child who is brushing teeth or bathing, you could be undertaking a simple bathroom cleaning activity like washing down the sink or pouring bleach into the bowl to pre-treat before you scrub.
Also, be organized in the way you store your cleaning supplies. If you lack space in a bathroom cabinet, put everything you need on a daily basis in a cleaning basket and stash it away in a corner of the room. Remember to also keep a small bin with a liner in the room to collect trash rather than leave it in the sink or on the tub surround. Do not forget when vacuuming the rest of the house to run over the bathroom rug as well.

How to Save Time and Money on House Cleaning Services

Getting the best value for your money is perhaps the goal of most homeowners looking to bring in a professional house cleaner. This does not mean trying to exhaust them by having them work at supersonic speed before their time is up, but rather ensuring that the money you are spending can be reasonably justified.
1. Compare and Contrast
There are multiple cleaning companies in most regions. Seek out a provider with a solid reputation but still offers competitive prices. Cheapest is rarely the best as this may denote a firm that is not as careful with background checks and the quality of their cleaning supplies. Seek a firm that is known for working efficiently and are trustworthy. You can work out what is a reasonable rate by acquiring quotes from multiple firms in your area and noting the normal range for the majority.
2. Do some light cleaning
For most homeowners, the reason they invite a cleaner is because they lack the time and energy to carry out these tasks themselves. This does not mean you cannot do simple things like washing dishes and wiping down the dinner and breakfast table. While it may not seem anything urgent, leaving them left undone for the once-a-week cleaner to fix will add to the time she wastes on this, given the buildup. Let your cleaner work on more labor intensive tasks that are more of a hassle for you to take care of personally. In fact, carrying out light cleaning can allow you to cut back on the frequency of your cleaner’s visits. For instance, you can switch to having the cleaner come in once rather than twice a week. According to an oven cleaning Bournemouth website 20% of people with self cleaning ovens don’t know how to use the self clean cycle.

3. Take on more responsibilities
The fact is that the less work you give your cleaner to do, the less money you will need to pay them. If you are looking to save, consider removing some of the cleaning responsibilities on their plate. Many homeowners often remove the responsibility for their personal bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms from the list. As their private domain, they feel better about taking care of this themselves, and is a good way to safeguard valuables that are often kept locked away in this part of the home.
4. Cut back on the supplies used
Many homeowners allow the cleaners to bring in their own cleaning products. In some cases, this is a good idea as these firms are often more aggressive about finding deep cleaning products than can be found on the open market. If however you prefer those you can shop for, have the cleaner use this and other cleaning equipment within the home to cut down on your bills. If you have coupons and other ways of scoring discounts on these products, it may help save you a bundle. You can even ask them to use less detergent than is described in the packaging. Most manufacturers recommend higher than necessary amounts in order to boost utilization, forcing you to buy their products more frequently.